Wicked Wash started in 2002 when Andy and his previous business partner introduced a revolutionary cleaner to the market. At the time, there were only 2 or 3 other bike wash specific products, and they thought it was the perfect time to launch a company. So they went on the road to events like the NORBA Nationals at Mount Snow, VT, Durango, CO, and Snowshoe, WV. There was some success after a few years: Wicked Wash made it into the hands of a few pro team mechanics and into a few shops in the DC and Maryland area, but a life change by Andy’s business partner forced him to either run the business on his own or shut it down. Wicked Wash remained dormant until December 2011, when Adam and Andy decided to give it another shot at the Capital Cross Classic in Reston,VA. With the leftover product they washed all the racer’s bikes at the end of the cyclocross race.
The response was positive, so they went for it! They updated the label, refined and updated the formula, launched a website, picked up some popup tents, stands, hoses, and put together a full schedule of events for 2012 that included the UCI World Cup in Windham! They’re in the third year of a full schedule and plan on having the biggest year yet….

Biodegradable 100
Eco Friendly 100
AndyPresident and Founder
The inventor of Wicked Wash. He came up with the idea when riding downhill and dual slalom during a particularly muddy year when he had to spend a lot of time cleaning bikes. He got tired of using brushes and rags, and since he has training in chemistry and other sciences, he came up with a solution: a spray-on rinse-off cleaner. When he is not working events chatting and cleaning bikes, you’ll find him in the ocean on a surfboard, on some kind of paved or dirt trail, a bmx track, or anywhere there is some good live music.